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Technology is the key to our success, and because we want all of our clients to be successful, we wouldn't give you anything less then the best. We are a business seeking high-speed processing power, maximum uptime and expandability, so this is what we provide to you. In general all of are servers are great for high-transaction environments such as data warehousing, e-commerce and web applications.

At Work the web we use a wide variety of servers, but they all share several things in common, stability, reliability, performance and value. Our investment in high quality servers allows us to provide the outstanding performance our customers demand.


Server Hardware

Our servers are built for reliability, stability and performance. We have a wide variety of servers ranging from:

  • Dual Xeon systems
  • 2GB of Memory
  • Dual 73GB SCSI Drives
  • SCSCI Raid Arrays
xeon Pentium 4 Pentium 4 with Hyper Threading

Server Operating System

We choose to run Red Hat Linux (9.0 and Enterprise) because Red Hat is the corporate Linux standard. It's already at work running some of the world's largest commercial, government, and academic institutions. For any deployment--from the desktop to the datacenter-Red Hat Linux delivers unmatched performance and the freedom of open source technology.

This platform has been a great success for us, and we would like to share this great success with you as our customer. Sign up today and experience the difference our hosting will make for your business.

Red Hat Linux

Server Enhancements

Our servers are enhanced with the following software:




Server Security

Each of our servers is thoroughly secured by the experts. Some of our security features include:

  • Anti DoS (Denial of Service) Protection
  • SSH and Telnet Protocols Disabled
  • Brute Force Attack Protection
  • Enhanced Firewall Security
  • Process Resource Monitoring
  • System Integrity Monitoring
  • PHP Security Enhancements
  • System Priority Monitoring
  • Root Login Check

The previous list is only a small portion of our security enhancements. Each server is monitored 24/7 for the appropriate services (Web, FTP, E-Mail, DNS, etc). If a service goes down, we will be immediately notified by redundant monitoring applications and the service will attempt to automatically restart itself to prevent any downtime of your website and services.

Server Backups

Each server is backed up nightly. These backups are maintained only for the purposes of crisis restoration. These backups may not be accessible to the client. Each client has the ability to perform backups at any interval they desire, and access their backups whenever needed.




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